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Nail Enhancements

SNS Dipping Powder

Lasts 14 days, remains Odor-free, maintains healthy, strong nails. No UV Light, World's healthiest brand. Contains Vitamin E & Calcium. Over 300 Colors

Full set Color
Full set Pink and White

Acrylic is durable and commonly used as a form of enhancement recommended for those who have weak and brittle nails.

Full Set
$35 | with Shellac $50
$35 | with Shellac $50
Full Set with White Tips
$25 | with Shellac $40
Dipping Powder Color
$40 Up | with Tip $45 Up
Dipping Powder Pink & White
$55 Up
Dipping Powder Ombre
$65 Up
Pink & White

Pink & White is a two-tone Acrylic form to create a permanent French nails. Pink & White have been the most popular in today’s trends as nail enhancements. For a quick, clean, natural and mirror shine, we recommend a coat of UV Gel.

Full Set
Fill-In (Pink only)
Fill-in (Pink & White)
$45 & Up
UV Gel

UV gel come with a choice of powder Gel or Liquid Gel which is a thin and extremely shiny nails enhancement for those who love natural glossy looking nails.

Liquid / Powder
Full Set (Pink & White)
$65 / $50
Fill-In (Pink & White)
$45 / $40
Full Set (Pink only)
$45 / $35
Fill-in (Pink only)
$35 / $30
Full Set (Powder Gel with Shellac)
Full Set (Liquid Gel with Shellac)
Fill-in (Liquid Gel with Shellac)
Additional Service
Coffin, Almond Shape, Buffer Shine
Soak Off
Natural Nail Care for Men & Women
Signature Manicure
Combo Manicure / Spa Pedicure
Manicure Gel Shellac
(add $5 for French)
Regular Pedicure (Member)
Regular Pedicure (Customer)
Signature Spa Pedicure (Member)
Signature Spa Pedicure (Customer)
Sugar Scrub, Callus Removal, Lotion, Lavender Oil Massage in Hot Stowels.
Deluxe Hot Stone Pedicure (Member)
Deluxe Hot Stone Pedicure (Customer)
Bath Salt, Sugar Scrub, Callus Removal, Hot Pad Steam, Mask Followed with 10 minutes Massage Lotion, Lavender Oil
Your choice of different scents:
  • Vitamin Orange
  • Lavender Relieve
  • Cucumber Fresh
  • Lemon Quench
Rose Flower Pedicure (Member)
Rose Flower Pedicure (Customer)
Bath Salt, Sugar Scrub, Callus Removal, Hot Pad Steam, Exfoliating Mask with Rose Lotion Oil Massage 15 minutes with Paraffin.
Ultimate Relaxation Spa (Member)
Ultimate Relaxation Spa (Customer)
Detox Box, Bath Salt, Sugar Scrub, Detox Clay Mask, Hot Pad Exfoliating Steam, Moisturized 20 minutes Massage with Paraffin and Hot Stone.
Your choice of differents scents:
  • Jasmine Soothe
  • Vitamin Orange
  • Ocean Refresh
  • Lavender Relieve
  • Cucumber Fresh
  • Green Tea Detox
  • Tangerine Twist
  • Lemon Quench
Callus Remover
10 minutes Massage
15 minutes Massage
25 minutes Massage
Combo Services
Manicure / Spa Pedicure Combo
Ultimate Manicure / Pedicure Combo
Shellac Manicure & Regular Pedicure Combo
Shellac Manicure & Shellac Pedicure Combo
Express Facial – 40 minutes
This is a perfect quick pick-me-up for dull looking skin. We cleanse, exfoliate and buff your skin to a healthy glow by using our electric brush. The Express Facial is made to be quick and super effective.
Focus Facial – 60 minutes
This facial is for everyone because it focuses on what your skin needs. The products used in this treatment are customized for you and your skin, exfoliating mask and steam. Light extractions are performed, followed with a facial, neck and shoulder massage. This treatment includes a masque, toner and moisturizer.
Eyebrows, Ears, Nose
$10 & Up
Upper Lip
$7 & Up
$10 & Up
Full Face
$35 & Up
Full Legs
$50 & Up
Half Legs
$35 & Up
Half Arms
$25 & Up
Full Arms
$40 & Up
Under Arms
$20 & Up
Side Burns
$15 & Up
$30 & Up
$65 & Up
Men’s Back
$35 & Up
Men’s Chest
$35 & Up
Eyebrows Tinting
$20 & Up
$30 & Up
Complimentary Refreshments
Red Wine
White Wine